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Performance by Sarod maestros Amaan and Ayaan Ali khan for a cause to raise money for the underpriveledged children
July 17, 2010

Mr. Navin Raheja along with Minister of Corporate Affairs Mr. Salman Khurshid and Member of Parliament Mr.Rajkumar Dhoot organized an art exhibition on the 17th of January at Mr.Dhoot's residence on Pandit Pant Marg. The art exhibition was named "AKS" which means reflection. The exhibition showcased 57 works of art which were put up on sale to raise money for the NGO "Krishna Mahesh Gayatri Sansthan" working for underprivileged children. All top notch beaurocrats, business tycoons and Industrialists were invited to participate with us in the cause. The guests who graced the occasion with their benign presence included Ex-Chief Minister of J&ampK Mr. Farooq Abdullah, Member of Parliament Mr. Naveen Jindal, Mr. Shiv Bhatia, Mr.D.S.Rawat, Mr and Mrs.Shyama Chona, Ms. Zila Khan' Ms.Nalini Singh, Ms.Tanisha Mohan, Mr.Rupin Dang, Dr.Sameer Kaul, Mr. Kensaku Konishi,& Mr.Alimuddin Rafi Ahmed, Shehzadi Simon, Mr.Shekhar Gupta, Mr.Sudhir Mathur, Mr.Yusuf Khan, Mr. Venugopal Dhoot, Mr.Raj kumar Dhoot and many more.

A mesmerizing performance by the Sarod Maestros Amaan and Ayaan Ali Khan kept the guests regaled. Starting on a somber note with Raga Desh, the brothers later played a mélange of compositions on Raga Bageshri and ended their performance with the famous Tagore song and Mahatma Gandhi's favourite "Akla Cholo Re". It started with welcoming note from Mr.Salman Khurshid who delightedly welcomed the guests and the evening concluded with Mr.Raheja's obliged speech where he acknowledged to have felt honored by the presence of all who actively participated with him supporting his cause and announced to have such get togethers in future again.


Mr. Nayan Raheja with Minister of Corporate Affairs
Mr. Salman Khurshid


Member of Parliament Mr. Rajkumar Dhoot in conversation
with Nayana Raheja, daughter of Mrs. & Mr. Raheja


Mr. Nayan Raheja explaining about a painting to Member
of Parliament Mr. Naveen Jindal alongwith Mr. Raheja


Mr. Nayan Raheja showcasing paintings to the CEO,
President, Canon, Mr. Kensaku Koniski


Mr. Salman Khurshid welcoming & addressing the guests
present in the exhibition


Mr. Nayan Raheja welcoming Ex Chief Minister of J & K
Mr. Farookh Abdullah by presenting flowers


Mr. Nayan Raheja welcoming Minister of Corporate Affairs
Mr. Salman Khurshid


Amaan & Ayaan Ali during their performance



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